1. Watch Movies: Did you know that  you can reserve the Miniver Room to view movies on your own? If you have a DVD or BluRay that you need to watch for a class, or just have something you’d like to see on a bigger screen, you are welcome to use the Miniver Room. Simply come to the front desk and checkout the key and remotes.

2. Listen to Records: Four of the private study rooms are equipped with Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntables and computers. You may bring albums from your own collection or choose from those available at the Library.

3. Show Your Work: The Fogelson Gallery space available on the first floor was created as space to display student and faculty artwork. We encourage you to come and speak with us about curating a show. If you have small sculpture you would like to show, we also have a couple of glass display cases for your use.

4. Play with Blocks: The over-sized set of Cuisenaire Rods you see when you first enter the Fogelson are here for you to play with, in groups or on your own. The installation, Please Play Quietly, was created by artist Penny Dombroski and is meant to be interactive. So, if you have some creative energy to burn, come on in and have at it.

5. Make a Little Noise: We welcome all classes and student groups to meet in the library. The first floor is a “shh” free zone. So, please feel invited to use library space for collaboration. If you need a little more privacy, give us some notice and we can reserve the South West Room for your group.


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