This past Monday your library was transformed into a US Embassy for the filming of Tina Fey’s current project, a dark comedy adapted from the memoir of journalist Kim Barker. Above all else want to thank our campus community for sharing their library, so thank you students and faculty!

The preparation for filming was quite an event with the first floor being completely cleared out and set up for a cocktail party. The day of shooting was nothing less than contained chaos with hundreds of actors and film makers milling about in a haze of atmospheric smoke. Our students graciously navigated the production, and the day seemed to pass glitch free.

What was the best part of opening our doors to Hollywood? Well, several of our students worked on the crew or as extras, that was super fantastic. We also gained valuable insight into the production of a feature film. This librarian was particularly impressed by the number of people employed for the production and will never look at movie budgets with dismay again (yay for jobs!).

The overall experience was very positive. Everyone was lovely and considerate, and we learned a lot. My projection is that this is unlikely to be the last time we are asked to use the space for a large film production. While it may create a little congestion in the library, the positive aspects certainly outweigh the inconveniences. Also, you don’t have to be shooting a big Hollywood movie to film here, students and faculty are always invited to request use of the space for their projects.


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