On Saturday we said good-bye to the class of 2015. It was a bittersweet occasion as we lost two of our lovely student workers, Keynan Johnson (we are so proud of you!) and Rebekah Vega (you are amazing!), to their futures. Both Keynan and Rebekah lit up the library with their vibrant personalities and kind natures. We know they both have wonderful and creative lives ahead.

This past winter we also saw two of other student workers leave off for Los Angeles. Partners Sango Imai-Hall, a truly wonderful artist and outstanding member of our team, and filmmaker Yashira Ponce, who we were only able to work with for such a short time, but who’s grace is remembered and missed. We still think of you, and hope for you both the greatest success in all of your endeavors.

Watching our graduates accept their diplomas, we were so happy to see the enthusiasm they have for their futures, and we share in it. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the educational success of all of our current and incoming students. Have a wonderful summer everyone, we will miss you and look forward to your return this fall!


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